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Kill Team : Octarius EN


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The Octarius sector is in the middle of an apocalyptic war. This situation takes it's roots with Inquisitor Fridus Kryptman. By the way, this story could place him on the doubtful morality Inquisitors list. The Tyranids wanderd from world to world, destroying everything on their way. The Inquisitor took drastic mesures to stop the Tyranids. To avoid them becoming stronger and stronger, he triggered the Exterminatus. Condemning billions of people to a certain death. Even though highly slowed down, this monstreous operation hasn't stopped them. After that the Tyranids had almost entirely killed themsleves against an Ork population, the Inquisitor put them on Octarius's trajectory. Sector that regroups the greatest Ork population in the galaxy. The Tyranids have plunged in the heart of Octarius and started the war that we know today. Welcome to Kill Team Octarius. 

Content :

  • 1 Orks unit
  • 1 Death Korp of Krieg unit
  • 1 core book
  • 1 rules book
  • Ork terrain
  • dice and measures
  • 2 packs of data cards
  • carboard markers

Brace yourselves for change !

Kill Team Octarius will change the way you play. You can chuck your Kill Team memories away. Well no, don't actually do it, it must hurt and I'm sure you have AT LEAST a good one. The game is going to become a lot more cinematic and probable. Shots are more realistic, so be careful about your alies. Close up combats are more violent, more you take damage the weaker you get. You might not even be able to get to cover. The action points and movements change entirely. Say goodbye to inches and hello to symbols. Yes yes, symbols. Move three circles or a square ... You'll get it when you'll handle them. The game is divided differently. 4 turning points of 3 phases each: Initiative phase, strategy phase and combat phase. You'll want to plan before you act!

Dites bonjour au jeu narratif dans Kill Team Octarius ! Partez en campagne avec vos personnages. Ils évolueront au fil des parties et acquièrent de nouvelles compétences.

Say hello to the narrative game in Kill Team Octarius! March into a campaign with your characters, they'll evolve game to game and aquire new skills.

The Octarius Orks

Les Orks du secteur Octarius ne sont pas des Orks normaux. S’étant retrouvés seuls et éloignés des autres Orks pendant longtemps, ils ont évolué. Ce Kommando ferait honte aux autres Orks, s’ils le voyaient. N’ayant eu que peu de chose à faire pendant tout ce temps, ils ont commencé à s'entraîner, pour s’occuper. Avec le temps, ils ont même commencé à réfléchir, non non, je ne mens pas. Ils tenteront de vous attaquer par surprise, sans crier Waaah! avant, cette fois. Ils utilisent même des armes sophistiquées tel des snipers. Enfin, sophistiquées, ils tirent plusieurs fois, car, plus on tire, plus on a de chance de toucher sa cible. Ah la logique Orks, imparable !

Orks from sector Octarius are not normal Orks. Being alone and far from other Orks for such a long time, they have .... evolved. Theses kommandos would shame other Orks if they saw him. Not having a lot to do during all this time, they started doing weird things like training. Simply to occupy themselves. With time, they even started thinking, no no, I'm telling the truth, thinking. They would try to attack by surprise without screaming Waaah! first. They used sophisticated weapons such as snipers. Well ... sophisticated, they still shoot fast because, the more you shoot, the more chances you have to hit your target don't you? Ahhh Ork logic, incredible!

The Death Korp of Krieg

Well... We'll let you tell us more on the return of this small unit since Warhammer Community haven't told us much about it ;)

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