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Adeptus Titanicus: The Defence of Ryza Stratagem Cards (Anglais)

  • 26 Stratagem cards for use in Adeptus Titanicus
  • Includes 5 Experimental Warfare and 6 Tricks and Tactics
  • 15 Legion-specific cards allow you to create your own Titan Legion
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En anglais.

The forge world of Ryza is second only to Mars in its splendour. Famed for its innovative plasma technologies, it is a prime target for the Dark Mechanicum and their ally, the Warmaster Horus. As the forces of the traitor Fabricator-General, Kelbor-Hal, attack, Ryza's defenders prepare to sell their lives dearly for their world.

This set of cards includes all 26 Stratagems from the Adeptus Titanicus expansion The Defence of Ryza, giving you a host of new tactical options for your games.

– 15 Crusade Legio-specific Stratagem cards for use in creating your own Titan Legion (in conjunction with the rules in The Defence of Ryza)
– 5 Experimental Warfare Stratagem cards
– 6 Tricks and Tactics Stratagem cards

All of the rules on these cards can also be found in Adeptus Titanicus: The Defence of Ryza. A copy of the Adeptus Titanicus rules is required to use the contents of this set.

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