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Nishimura Corp

Nishimura Corp When we talk about Nishimura Corp. it’s important to recall the story of its founders: Mr. Daiki Nishimura and his sons, Haru and Akio. In the early days they were engaged mainly in development of custom premium class electronic devices, and after the invention of Liquid Integrated Circuits they pioneered the production of LIC-based electronic pets. Just a few years later their creations’ extremely capable AIs made the company a leader in the field of entertainment for both children and adults. The head of the family perished in the 1989’s catastrophe, and his eldest son Haru took over the reins. Striving to make the corporation even stronger he secretly launched the production of battle drones. When the new World War broke out, Haru attempted a coup in his native country. Putsch failed and he was forced to flee, but he carried on with development and production, supplying battle bots to Eurasian Coalition till the end of the war. After Haru’s mysterious death his younger brother Akio had no choice but to take the lead. He shook up the top management team, closed projects he disliked and reorganized the company completely. The market was suddenly flooded with new products no one had even heard of before. Keiretsu was mastering various industrial sectors, taking over little-known companies and making agreements with industrial giants in a seemingly random manner. Government forces were too assured of their invincible power to realize the scope of the problem until it was too late. The alliance of corporations became influential enough to intervene in internal affairs of Poleis. Nishimura may not be ready to confront the Government openly right now, but nothing can prevent the corporation from conducting shady business where authorities cannot reach them.

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