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The word “Syndicate” refers to the community that has created and maintains the work of deeply encrypted information network, an alternative to Hydroweb, and at the same time to this network itself. Thanks to the Syndicate, criminal elements, underground figures and shadow market dealers can communicate, make appointments, make transactions and hire the right people to perform various tasks. Sophisticated intrigues, plans within plans and complex schemes of enrichment and redistribution of influence are woven and carried out through the Syndicate. The lure of easy profits attracts adventurers with various skills, and many of them do not even realize that their daily activities are part of someone's far-reaching designs. It is believed that the Syndicate itself only acts as an intermediary between businessmen of the shadow world and performers and does not give any guarantees - but most users avoid risking their reputation, because those who breach contracts suspiciously often become cannon fodder in someone’s bigger scheme.

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