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Each polis has its own system of management, but all of them are subject to one Global Government. The main authority of the GG is the United Council. The Council does not interfere in the internal affairs of poleis and only controls the number and structure of troops based on its territory and tax collecting. The troops, although recruited in the polis, are not directly subordinate to its leadership, but they cooperate in every possible way and often perform minor tasks, such as escorting cargo or helping to suppress insurrections.

The location of the United Council is kept top secret even from the heads of the polies. It is only known that there is a special organization that carries out contacts with representatives of the Council. Several members of this organization reside in poleis to control tax collection and the current situation. Since the United State of the Earth continues to wage several local wars and troops are regularly relocated from place to place, the management of the poleis have their own internal troops. Their numbers are limited by the Council`s edicts, however each polis chooses the structure of subdivisions. This is primarily due to the natural conditions and features of a specific polis.

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